Looking for a canvas or metal print? I personally handle the printing and shipping of those products. Please check the table below for information on available sizes and prices. Prices do not include shipping or taxes.

When you are ready to order a canvas or metal print, or if you have additional questions about these products, please contact me at michelle@michelledwagnerphotography.com to initiate the order process. I use PayPal Invoices for all canvas and metal print transactions. PayPal invoicing allows you to pay securely over the web with your PayPal account, or with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.

Canvas prints are available with a stretched border or with a color border. For detailed information on the features of canvas prints, please click here . For detailed information on the features of metal prints, please click here .

I am happy to try to fulfill customized orders. If there is a print you would like to customize in a certain way (size, border color, framed, etc.) please contact me via email and I will see if I can fulfill your request.

Canvas Wrap Dimensions Price Metal Print Dimensions Price
5x7 $50.00 5x7 N/A
6x6 $50.00 6x6 N/A
8x10 $68.00 8x10 $115.00
8x20 N/A 8x20 $170.00
10x10 $75.00 10x10 N/A
10x20 $140.00 10x20 N/A
11x14 $105.00 11x14 $160.00
12x12 $100.00 12x12 $155.00
12x16 $135.00 12x16 N/A
12x18 $152.00 12x18 N/A
12x36 $281.00 12x36 N/A
16x16 $180.00 16x16 N/A
16x20 $224.00 16x20 $350.00
16x24 $250.00 16x24 N/A
18x24 $281.00 18x24 N/A
20x20 $260.00 20x20 $450.00
20x24 $312.00 20x24 N/A
20x30 $350.00 20x30 $630.00
20x60 $660.00 20x60 N/A
24x24 $375.00 24x24 N/A
24x30 $450.00 24x30 N/A
24x36 $520.00 24x36 $910.00
30x30 $540.00 30x30 N/A
30x40 $660.00 30x40 N/A
32x48 $845.00 32x48 N/A
36x36 $713.00 36x36 N/A
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